2017 Newsletter

Issue highlights include updates on: 

  • Endangered Species Act issues in the Elliott State Forest in Oregon, where a lawsuit against timber industry alleged "take" of the marbled murrelet, a threatened seabird, despite extensive surveys demonstrating that the species do not use the planned harvest area;
  • Whether "best management practices" for grazing approved by Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality are sufficient to ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act standards on federal grazing allotments;
  • Impacts of the U.S. Forest Service's 2012 "Planning Rule" on project-level resource management decisions as the first round of Forest Plans are issued in 2017; and
  • The future of Oregon Senate Bill 838, which imposed a moratorium on the mining of placer deposits (i.e., any water laid material or mineral) in and within 100 yards of fish streams, as well as all in-stream suction dredging on certain streams and upland areas in Oregon from 2016-2021.

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