2018 Newsletter

Issue highlights include updates on:

  • Wild horse management in the Devils Garden Plateau area of the Modoc National Forest in northern California, where the U.S. Forest Service has allowed wild horse populations to explode to nearly 700% of the appropriate management level, leaving over 2,800 wild horses in an area fit for 402;
  • A lawsuit challenging the Lostine public safety project, which is designed to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire to the rural community of Lostine due to the accumulation of high-density fuels and insect-infested trees on federal forestland in Wallowa County, Oregon; and
  • Two cases dealing with the ability of industry and other resource-dependent businesses to intervene in lawsuits involving environmental, public lands, NEPA, and other decisions that directly impact resource users—including whether intervenors have the right to appeal a decision where a court remands a decision to an agency.

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2017 Newsletter

Issue highlights include updates on: 

  • Endangered Species Act issues in the Elliott State Forest in Oregon, where a lawsuit against timber industry alleged "take" of the marbled murrelet, a threatened seabird, despite extensive surveys demonstrating that the species do not use the planned harvest area;
  • Whether "best management practices" for grazing approved by Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality are sufficient to ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act standards on federal grazing allotments;
  • Impacts of the U.S. Forest Service's 2012 "Planning Rule" on project-level resource management decisions as the first round of Forest Plans are issued in 2017; and
  • The future of Oregon Senate Bill 838, which imposed a moratorium on the mining of placer deposits (i.e., any water laid material or mineral) in and within 100 yards of fish streams, as well as all in-stream suction dredging on certain streams and upland areas in Oregon from 2016-2021.

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